WOODY UPDATE | October, 2018 - Woody is no longer available for adoption as he has been placed in our For Always Fostered Program.

The HIT Living team pulled Woody from East Valley shelter as he was placed on medical alert because of a growth on his chest. The shelters do not have the medical equiment on hand to sample and diagnose what the mass could have been and because of his age, he was placed on medical alert, meaning, any day could have been the end of his life. When we saw Woody we knew he had much more life to live and knew it would be up to us to help him find his final, fur-ever family.

Full of life, love and curiosity, Woody loves to eat, explore and nap! He gets along with our dogs and other foster dog Koko and mostly keeps to himself. Woody's tail is always wagging but got very nervous at the vets office, but hey, what dog doesn't? As an elderly gentleman, Woody seems to be going blind and would benefit from a visit to an ophthalmologist, his vision will likely worse with time but there are options to help relieve some possible pressure building. Woody also seems to be hard of hearing but has very clean ears for a spaniel! The mass on Woody's chest is confirmed fatty tissue (yay it's not a tumor)! Woody also has some serious tarter build up and would benefit from a teeth cleaning and possible tooth extraction. Woody also has a very unique characteristic about him and has a full tail. He has wide, fluffy paws and likes to look out the window. Woody is fully potty trained and walks decently on a leash for not being able to see that well.

Weighing in at 26 lbs, Woody has normal blood pressure, all his vaccines are up to date, he is neutered and is looking for a loving home where he can still live out the last of his very full years of life. If you are interested in adopting Woody, please fill out an application and we'll get back to you with in 48 hours to see if it might be a good fit and we can schedule a meet and greet from there.