Ling Ling/Emma

April, 2019 | Ling Ling who is now Emma, was adopted by a wonderful man and is spending her days walking, visiting the beach and lounging on her very own chaise lounge!

Pulled from the high kill shelter Downey, brought in as a “stray”, it was very clear to us Ling Ling was used and as a breeding dog. From abusive over breeding, Ling Ling has enlarged ovaries with cysts on them and drooping nipples. Surprisingly enough, Ling Ling did not need dental work, however almost all of her teeth are completely worn down from chewing, most likely from a life of anxiety and stress. After seeing our vet and having blood work done, we celebrated when the lab results came back with a completely healthy girl! Despite her history, Ling Ling is a bundle of joy! With the looks of a Shar-Pei, she sure does have the personality of a lab! Friendly and wanting to meet and love everyone whether it be human or dog, she is truly a gem! She walks gracefully on a leash and is very eager to meet other dogs with a wagging tail. Ling Ling loves belly rubs and will let you hold her face in your hands to be nose to nose. Although she may look like she has some years on her, this girl brightens up with every passing day and still has so much life left to live! Ling Ling responded very well to the children who attended our adoption event and let every one pet her and love her. She would make a wonderful addition to any home!

The photos of Ling Ling looking sad and in a kennel were taken during her time at Downey shelter. The following photos of Ling Ling not in a kennel at Downey were taken only days after we pulled her. It is truly remarkable how quickly dogs turn around outside of a shelter setting and in a space of love.


April, 2019 | JoJo, now Chico, was adopted out to a wonderful family and will be spending his days in the comfort of Palm Springs, CA!

JoJo is a little over a year old and a complete love bug, eager to please for attention. JoJo is also great with kids! JoJo has some territory issues around his foster mom and other dogs and has been known to randomly bark and go after other dogs that approach if they're in his space. With patience and training, we believe JoJo could live in harmony with any other dogs as he currently lives with his two other siblings, Squeaky and Monkey. This group of cuties are fast learners and with a little training will surely catch on to basic commands and advanced skills quickly! JoJo, his litter mates and another litter, totaling 22 puppies, were dropped off in the middle of a cold night on the outskirts of a farm in Santa Clarita. Found the next morning, the puppies barely alive, were rushed to the hospital receiving care and another shot at life. Over the next year, the puppies were cared for and adopted out by the amazing people who found them. JoJo is one of three puppies from the litter who needs his forever home.


March, 2019 | Pocket is now with his forever Momma in Los Angeles!

Pocket was found sunbathing and living in a Ford dealership parking lot. After a few days of earning his trust and coaxing him over with some food, his rescuer quickly realized he was a sweet, young boy with no micro chip, not neutered, fly strikes on his ears and very un-kept as he had most likely been surviving on his own. On his way to our rescue, Pocket cuddled close to his rescuer and fell asleep and showed signs of gratefulness to be somewhere warm. Pocket fit in quickly with our pack, getting along with everyone, not quite sure how to play yet though. Pocket loves to curl up and sit in your lap and loves to be loved and give love. As home living and meeting new people is very new to this little man, he is shy and timid at first but quickly warms up and becomes eager for your attention. He is a good eater, playful with humans, a fast learner, has a lot of personality and his little wiggle butt is always going. He would do well in any home!


February, 2019 | Monkey was adopted by an adoring couple in Los Angeles, CA.

Monkey was a part of two separate litters of 20 puppies left in a box on a farm in Santa Clarita. Found the next morning barely alive, the puppies were taken to the vet where they received proper medical care to keep them alive. The neighbors in the community each took a handful of the puppies, providing them with shelter, food, vaccines and spayed and neutered.


January, 2019 | Mango was adopted by his foster Mom and now lives a beautiful life with his Mom, Dad and other foster pup and cat siblings in LA! What we thought was going to be a hospice situation ended being a prolonged life he was not ready to let go of! It is truly incredible how dogs can turn around once they’re out of the shelter!

Mango was placed on medical alert at West Valley shelter with a high heart murmur and in desperate need of a dental. The HIT Living Foundation pulled Mango with all medical history and current state believing he was going to be a hospice case. After seeing the vet, the vet suggested moving forward with dental surgery to remove his remaining teeth as they were so diseased, they were causing a strain on his heart. Getting through the dental surgery with flying colors, Mango is now thriving!



August, 2018 | Sage was recently adopted by a close friend of the HIT Living Foundation and lives with her new poppa in Los Angeles

Sage was pulled by the HIT Living Foundation from East Valley shelter right before the 4th of July as she was at risk of being euthanized because she seems to be half pit bull breed if the shelters reached capacity. Sage is 9 months old, spayed and up to date on shots. She is a complete love bug and gets along very well with all of her other foster fur siblings. She has good energy and is highly intelligent and a fast learner. Her foster mom says she follows her around the house and yard everywhere and when they sleep she sleeps curled up right next to her or on her. Sage has beautiful green eyes and white paws and a white mark on her front and back neck. She is almost house broken and is currently being crate trained. She has not been tested with cats or children but with her sweet demeanor and nature we believe she would do very well with either. This sweet girl is so young and has so much life and love to offer!


May, 2018 | KESA (now Tifa) - This potcake (a mixed breed, orphaned dog found on several Caribbean islands) was rescued by an amazing family on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas. Our friends in the Bahama's had a boxer named Kes who unfortunately passed away on December 5th, 2017. On the morning of December 6th, 2017, this little beauty babe showed up on their front lawn with terrible mange, heartworm and downtrodden spirits. It seemed as though she had been fending for herself in the Bahamian wilderness for the longevity of her life which was guesstimated at about 1.5 years. Our friends knew she was an angel sent from Kes and they named her Kesa. They helped nurse her back to health and once healthy, some other close friends of ours took over fostering Kesa and helped her develop positive social behaviors with humans and other dogs. Over our vacation and upon meeting Kesa, we knew we had to help her find her furever family. With dedicated team work, we were able to fly Kesa from Abaco to Los Angeles on April 15th where she has since found her absolutely amazing, furever family! Through the love and integrity of our amazing Bahamian friends and Kesa, the Habitat team has been inspired to help more dogs, helping bring forth this segment of The HIT Living Foundation.


Finding the perfect dog is an exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking experience, but when my boyfriend and I saw a posting for Tifa on Instagram, we somehow knew we’d found the one! I reached out to the folks at the HIT Living Foundation to find out more.
Heather of HIT was friendly and responsive throughout. She made the entire adoption process seamless by answering any questions we had quickly, being upfront about Tifa’s history and unique quirks, and being flexible with her schedule so we could easily find times to meet up. She was thorough in ensuring that Tifa would not only be a good fit for us, but that we would be a good fit for Tifa. It’s clear that the people at HIT are passionate about what they do and are invested in creating the best environment for the animals they save. The best part is that we are still in contact and they are always willing to help with any questions we may have.
We found our perfect doggo thanks to HIT Living Foundation, and we couldn’t be happier!